Equipment and IoT Interface Development

Almost every sector is being transformed by the Internet of Things and its processes. An infrastructure that can connect all of the active demands of information management, laws, scalability, performance-driven, and, most importantly, highly practical, non-violent, and protected is critical. The Internet of Things is a term used to describe a network of connected devices, a combined technology that is destined to change the lives of humans and how they interact with machines and modern technology. It creates a secure channel for delivering a seamless flow of information between devices and management systems. It provides a platform for all machines and remote apps to be integrated into an organizational process and provide self-intelligence. Furthermore, real-time information regarding operations provides additional knowledge and empathy for the devices and their methods, which improves the overall performance of the applications.

Millions of gadgets worldwide are poised to be remotely overseen as a result of the phenomenal rise in M2M. M2M has innumerable advantages, which is why all trades from all segments are eagerly anticipating this cutting-edge, life-changing technology. Both large and small businesses provide these solutions, but both have flaws. While more influential organizations struggle with the time-to-market issue, which causes prospective clients to wait longer than necessary, small businesses struggle with end-to-end progress issues. Furthermore, because there are so many bodies participating in the process, supremacy takes longer than usual to achieve.

Crystal Soft World is a creative company that pushes the boundaries of wireless and cloud communication. We can provide on-time end-to-end application solutions for virtually every segment, including high-end machines, heavy equipment, HVAC controls, electricity/gas/water metres, industrial controls, automobiles, and household appliances. By offering a well-structured mechanism that includes hardware designs, cloud connectivity, embedded development, and smartphone accessibility, we are dedicated to delivering high-end and result-oriented M2M solutions.

Crystal Soft World provides:

A unified M2M and IoT platform.
They are allowing clients to enjoy maximum revenues from machines.

  • Remote applications.
  • Integrated technologies.

Crystal Soft World M2M & IoT platform, built on a cloud-based architecture, provides exciting services such as field data integration and application creation. We provide you with a well-secured and accessible solution with our flexible APIs support to create and deploy customized IoT apps in time to precisely fit your wishes with our flexible APIs support. By integrating IoT data directly into critical management apps and systems, corporate analytics and intelligence may also be added.


  • Crystal Soft World is committed to sending high-end M2M hardware devices for faster and safer data gathering from both intelligent (protocol-based) and non-intelligent (raw sensing) devices.
  • Our talented designers are eager to enhance and offer firmware for microcontrollers from Microchip, TI, Cypress, Freescale, Maxim Integrated, Atmel, and other manufacturers and ensure that the required data is safely sent to cloud servers.
  • According to our cloud and smartphone apps, real-time data and conclusive analytical data with alarm monitoring should be available and easily consumable for real-time decision making.
  • Our designs have been upgraded to meet the requirements of developing M2M and IoT solutions. We have a lot of experience and a lot of expertise in product engineering. We are prepared to meet all of your technological needs, from design to prototyping to proof of concept and then effectively putting it to production. We provide you with the best of our technical and domain support through our passionate service.

Specialized Offerings by Crystal Soft World

Hardware development services

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of hardware design development, we provide best-in-class facilities for emerging machine connectivity devices with the M2M domain. Crystal Soft World devices are designed to communicate with machines using a variety of interfaces, including

  • Analog and Digital Inputs for Sensors
  • Communication System: RS232 / RS485 / CANBus / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
  • The following boundaries are used to send the composed data to the concentrator units:
  • RF, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are examples of wireless networks. There is no need for wiring or useless networks throughout the factory or site with these networks.
  • RS485/ Ethernet/ PLC - Wired Network These wired network solutions, which are widely used in current infrastructures, can provide an excellent platform for short-range communication.
  • Following that, the Data concentrator devices send the data to the cloud server using the following types of networks:
  • GPRS: The GPRS Network sends data to a central server using SIM cards and a cellular network.
  • Ethernet: Data is sent to the cloud server over broadband Ethernet connections.

Firmware / Device Drivers / BSP / Operating System Development Services

Crystal Soft World offers a well-dedicated Board Support Platform, Device Drivers, and OS Development services in India and abroad, confirming embedded solutions based on firmware and operating systems. Our BSP is well-suited to the development of M2M systems. For the following services, we build quick and consistent drivers:

  • We are experienced in delivering real-time apps with a high level of service quality (QoS). Data integration and data security are key features of our dependable services, even if the connection is lost or the server fails.

Cloud Application Development Services

Crystal Soft World aims to provide one-of-a-kind cloud application development services that make it simple to create and deploy M2M apps that require continuous connectivity. We've already set up cloud apps for logistics, street lighting, smart metering, equipment monitoring, industrial appliances, home automation, and HVAC controllers, among other things. You receive the following benefits when you use our best-in-class cloud application development services.

Smart Application Development Services

The whole world uses cell phones, and we at Crystal Soft World understand how important they are. Furthermore, we are well-versed in how to capitalize on the emergence of cellphones to improve lives and the profit of businesses. We provide our clients with on-the-go and continuous connectivity through simple, easy-to-understand, user-friendly, and functional smartphone applications. We make it possible for you to obtain access to most of the necessary information on your little display, allowing you to gain complete control. As a result, our smartphone advancement services include.