Crystal Soft World creates flawless ERP solutions for its clients based on their specific needs and requirements. These ERP solutions are completely integrated with the clients' business systems to provide exceptional value to all structures and functional areas. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are designed to provide our customers the ability to tailor the process to their specific needs. Therefore, our ERP systems are appropriate for every industry, regardless of location. We deliver high-end and bespoke solutions in India and abroad, whether it is a large-scale operation or a small-scale procedure.

Our team of ERP developers aims to provide best-in-class ERP solutions to make our customers' business processes more comfortable and creative.

We strive to provide the best in class enterprise solutions at Crystal Soft World. Our regulars may easily active the entire working process with ease, directing more on the expansion of the firm rather than being engaged in useless & time-consuming activities, thanks to our cost-effective & hassle-free ERP systems. We provide ERP systems to a variety of sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, entertainment, information technology, and manufacturing.


Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a comprehensive system that enables businesses to maintain critical data and information about their valued customers. This outcome-oriented method is intended to manage the organization's relationship with potential supporters. As a result, they are able to make better decisions based on real-time sales and marketing data.

Crystal soft world is devoted to providing top-notch and customized IT & CRM solutions, thanks to its experience in CRM software development. Crystal Soft World's CRM is cross-practical, corresponding, and well-defined to perfectly match the business operations of clients from various divisions and companies such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, chemical, automobile, aviation, tourism, entertainment, etc.

We provide a wide range of CRM systems that generate leads and appeal to business opportunities. Task Management, User Management, Company Management, Product & Services Management, Notification, Invoice Management, Feedbacks, and a variety of additional functions are included.